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The Basics of Entrepreneurship

KRW 57.15



Developing the Mentality of a Businessman!

Starting a home based business has become a very popular way of earning a comfortable income without the hassle of being in the regular rat race that so many people have no choice but to be in.

However in making the choice to commit to a home based business the individual should be aware of the various element and requirements it entails in order to keep it a success rather than a burden. Get all the info you need here.

Below are some essential information that you need to learn:

Chapter 1: Home Business Basics
Chapter 2: Decide What Equipment You Need
Chapter 3: Investigate Your Local Regulations
Chapter 4: Get Your Legal Documents In Order
Chapter 5: Decide If You Need Employees
Chapter 6: Put Everything In Place For Having Employees
Chapter 7: Develop An Exit Strategy
Chapter 8: The Importance Of Handling Your Home Business Correctly