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The Guide To Healthy Business, Healthy Life Upgraded

KRW 36.00



Running a business from home can go one of two ways. Either it can be your one way ticket to the best health of your life, or it can be an invitation for various new stresses, problems and things that can go wrong.

Which it turns out to be for you is all down to the way you manage both that business and your health. And it all begins by understanding just how connected these two seemingly disparate matters are: there is a lot of synergy between your career, your lifestyle and your health and you need to approach these things as one challenge rather than separate ones.

Inside this course, you are about to learn the following information:

Video #1: Working from home: Is it right you?
Video #2: Tips for developing an entrepreneur’s mindset.
Video #3: How to overcome isolation when you work from home.
Video #4: Software to avoid RSI and other health-related issues
Video #5: Learning how to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty.
Video #6: Staying motivated when you work from home
Video #7: Designing the ideal home office
Video #8: Multitasking: the right and the wrong ways of doing it.
Video #9: Tips for staying organized
Video #10: What to do when people say ‘you don’t have a real job’